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  • Laura

Where does my help come from?

Day 16. Verse 16. Do you believe this? I think we're all going to need to be reciting these verses to ourselves. When we fear and when we're anxious, because we will be, ask ourselves where our help comes from. I'll be reciting these verses and likely singing it in my head as well to the tune of a youth group song circa 1990-something! Virginia just got shelter in place orders til June 10th. That's awhile. If we're honest, this time may feel like a roller coaster. We'll have some good days and some really hard. Some moments of peace and some when anxiety creeps up. Join me in knowing the Bible, reciting the Bible, and preaching it to ourselves. God is good. God is faithful. God does not want any to perish but all to come to Him. My help, and yours, comes from the Maker of heaven and earth. Hold tight to that today.


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