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A bit about LB

Writing for me and doing it publicly all started back in a little studio in Santa Barbara.  I was young and single and cooking a lot and my friends kept asking for the recipes.  All my friends called me LB and so the name began. 


I started a blog way back then and haven't looked back since.  Though I didn't know it at the time, it was the beginning of something big for me with writing and sharing things I love and resources that I've found helpful.

Since that time I'm no longer a California girl but call Virginia home.  A lot has changed!  I have three boys and a wonderful husband.  I still love to write and cook and share about our homeschooling journey now too. This is another chapter in all of that.  You'll find me writing a little about a lot of things and hopefully along the way sharing a whole lot about my faith in Jesus. 


Regardless of why you're here, thanks for stopping by!


The Fine Print


Laura Sears and LB's Good Spoon LLC is part of several affiliate advertising programs. Please note I do use affiliate links where I can. This means I earn a small commission from products purchased directly through these links on my blog, at no extra cost to the buyer. This is a way to help my family while doing what I love, and does not in any way affect the choices I make when sharing on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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LB's Good Spoon LLC and Laura Sears is a personal blog written and edited by its owner, Laura. While most products on this blog are purchased by me, some  products may be gifted, posts may be sponsored, or a small commission may be made via affiliate links. Any paid collaborations or sponsorships are always disclosed within the post. All opinions are my own and I will ONLY endorse or accept collaborations if I believe the content is relevant and fitting to my blog. I will always be completely honest and transparent about the products and experiences I receive. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. If I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend or use it in my own house, you won’t see it on this website.

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All photos and content on LB's Good Spoon, and LB's Good Spoon are strictly prohibited without the permission of Laura. Images & content are copyrighted by LB's Good Spoon LLC. Please do not use my images without permission. Use of any portion of any blog post or photo from this blog (including social media accounts) without my full permission will result in consequences, including but not limited to legal action.

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