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Summer Reading Lists are My Favorite

The baby is sleeping, the boys are playing, and hallelujah, it's summer. In true homeschool-Mom-form as soon as we finished school I'm praying that we'll summer well. Our true break from school will only be June and July this year, so while I want to have some rhythms, I also know it'll fly by.

I'm quick to think of things I'd like to happen, like chores for the boys, beds made each morning, and evenings on the patio. Those aren't my biggest goals though. The two things I want to do this summer are read well and eat well. That's it. If we read good books aloud, if they read good books alone, and if we create good meals together, that will be enough.

Summer may not seem like it always affords us more time right now but it does seem to give me more brain space. My mind is quick to want to plan our school year around the corner, but for now I'll think on recipes and books.

As far as books go, what's on your list? I'm a big fan of great book lists for kids and wanted to share some of my favorite places to look here. I know if I select a book off these lists they'll align with our values and be a great read for my kids.

Read Aloud Revival: This site is my first stop when it comes to looking for books. We often look at the Books Boys Love checklist, Beginner Chapter Books or Biographies. If you get the Read Aloud Revival Book, there are lists in the back of there too! I also love that Sarah includes books for Mom's, like this adult fiction list. Hello summer reading for me too! I learned about the book The Last Bookshop in London from RAR and it's one of my favorite's to date!

Veritas Press: We've done live Latin classes and self-paced History through Veritas and I love the books they recommend. I've often looked at their literature courses to get book ideas for my boys. If you click here you'll see I just looked at literature and 4th grade to get an idea of their book list.

Sonlight: We haven't used this curriculum bundle but once again I like their booklists. If you click on "what's included" for a grade level you can see all the books! Chances are if you see a book pop up across several sites you know it's one to include for your kid based on their age.

Ambelside: I lean towards loving a lot of the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education and could spend a long time on the Ambelside website. Once again, they provide an amazing booklist if you click on resources and master booklist!

Beautiful Feet Books: They're beautiful all right. We use the library often, but if money grew on trees I'd buy a lot of these books. They're all so beautiful and inspiring. This is a great spot if you're looking to gift some books too! I love this book list myself that's all about teaching character through good books. Add to cart?!

What have I missed? Where do you look for when you want your child to read a good book?

Oh and as for books right now for us, I just finished up Wind and the Willows with my second-youngest and we're going between audio and read-aloud when it comes to the Vanderbeeker's. My oldest is going through the My Side of the Mountain Trilogy and my second-oldest and I started Lunch Money today.

I really want to read or listen to the Penderwick's this summer, maybe some Mr. Lemoncello's library or Roald Dahl for my second-oldest and some fun early readers for my developing reader. The point is, books are fun and I want my kids to love them! While I read they can color, play with lego's, or do anything else quiet, they just have to listen!


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