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slow roasted garden tomato soup

slow roasted garden tomato soup
slow roasted garden tomato soup for dinner

We're finally getting rain here in Virginia and the tomatoes are still growing on the vine. I know I'll have to rip them out of the garden before too long, but since we got a late start to planting things this summer my tomatoes are still going.

Ever in search of an easy weeknight meal, my roma tomatoes became slow roasted and then blended to become a delicious soup last week. I may have been quick to make a reel that evening, but I need that recipe to live in this space so that it doesn't disappear.

Even if you don't have tomatoes growing in your garden you can find great deals on summer tomatoes towards the end of the season. Many farmer stands sell boxes at a discounted price, knowing people may turn them into salsa or tomato sauce. With a 6 month old on my hip, this slow roasted soup option was much more up our alley this year.

tomatoes, onion, thyme and garlic
tomatoes, onion, thyme and garlic

What did I do? Take your Roma tomatoes from the garden and cut them in half. You can use a pairing knife to take out the tough middle, or leave it. Place them cut side up on a jelly roll pan, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and a little sugar. On the tray we added sliced onion and a bunch of garlic too. Add some sprigs of thyme if you have it!

Set your oven to 300 and slow roast for 2-3 hours.

Once everything is roasted, dump it into your dutch oven, add 3 cups of vegetable broth and blend! I liked ours with a little texture still there. You could add heavy cream at this point if you want it creamier, but we didn't.

No extra salt or pepper was needed for us but check to your liking. Some crushed red pepper would be a delicious add-in, or you could even add some roasted peppers from a jar if you had those on hand too! Garnish with basil if you have it, or throw in a dollop of pesto.

We served this with salad and sourdough. It was simple and delicious. My family usually misses meat, but with this meal they were somehow satisfied. I'll take it!

If you make it be sure to let me know. I'm here to inspire you to cook too!


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