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Why Pilates with The Balanced Life? My 4 Reasons

The photo above is one I've taken many times. A quick shot before or after a few minutes to myself. Maybe 10 minutes, maybe 45. Most days, 15-20. I've been doing pilates with The Balanced Life since my babies were babies and it remains something I'm still so happy to share about.

In my quest to have a more simple year, pilates is still here. Robin's workouts remain simple and these exercises have helped me sit taller, think more clearly, and all around take better care of myself.

I'm not here to preach that this one act of caring for your body will change you entirely, but I do think moving our bodies is important. In any season it's a good thing to take care of ourselves, right? In fact, I'd go so far to say it's something God wants us to do. 1 Corinthians 6 talks about our bodies being a temple of the Holy Spirit so, am I taking care of mine?

Over the years a 4 things have stood out to me about why I've stuck with The Balanced Life. Here they are!

1. Daily Rhythms are a Good Thing

Ever since High School I could sense myself adopting rhythms in my routine. Maybe it was coffee and homework after school. Bible Study on my bed. Saturday morning Step class! These days, my body craves pilates + walking and I'm more than ok with it. My body needs to strengthen and stretch and I get those things with pilates. I go to pilates when I need a mental break or a boost of energy. I can turn to it when I'm tired or after a long car trip. It really hasn't been about the same time every day, it's been more about finding some time as many days as I'm able. Allowing this form of exercise to be something I do has been important.

2. Posture, Posture, Posture

We tell our kids to sit up straight, but are we? Plain and simple, when I'm practicing pilates I sit up taller. I notice myself doing it more naturally thanks to increased core and full body exercises. Thank you Robin!

3. No Yelling!

I have a hard time with workouts where I'm left feeling defeated. Maybe for you being yelled at is encouraging. Not for me! Robin is always supportive offering modifications when needed and encouraging you to do what you can. She'll push you though when you need it, and slip in harder movements that'll surprise you with soreness the next day.

4. Encouragement I Can Handle

A big mantra with the Balanced Life is Grace over Guilt. I haven't had a perfect track record or completed all my workouts every month, probably ever! But, I know they're there for me and I know I can always login to find a workout for what I need or recipe that doesn't require me buying a bunch of expensive ingredients. I don't logon to The Balanced Life and feel like a failure for having missed a few days, I sign on and feel encouraged to be taking care of my body once again.

This post isn't sponsored but it is something I've been wanting to write about. After cancelling gym memberships and trying classes that haven't been the best fit for me I always come back to the Balanced Life! As a partner with them I do have a link that gets you $20 off your first month when you join! You can cancel anytime, but if you think this is something worth trying, you can sign up here.

What's your favorite way to move your body?


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