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  • Laura

The 2021 Good List

Better late than never, right? 2022 has thankfully started off slowly over here thanks to snow and soon to be more snow. I never have really liked winter, but I have always embraced a slower pace of life. So, I’ll take these snowy days and lazy mornings.

In looking back, 2021 wasn’t my favorite in a lot of ways. It brought with it challenges, lots of spiritual warfare, and several goodbyes. It was unlike any year we’ve experienced and taught me if anything, that we really don’t know what tomorrow holds but we do know who holds tomorrow.

I had to lean into the head knowledge I’ve had for years and trust that every single word of the Bible is true and we either believe it, or we don’t.

Our faith grew, and for that perhaps I just cross out all the “bad.” But, bad things happen in this broken world so I think it’s okay to acknowledge that. The reality is we each face the realities of this broken world each day, but hopefully we can always point to and see the good.

In doing so, I wanted to make a list of good things from 2021. Some meaningful, some just for fun. Maybe I’ll look back in a year, maybe five, and acknowledge the little things that made up all the days. Maybe you’ll chime in and agree with some of these or maybe some will be part of your 2022. Either way, here we go.

  1. The Dwell Bible App- when I didn’t know what to pray, I listened to this. This is my favorite way to listen to the word on the go, unloading dishes, or getting ready in the morning.

  2. Daily Grace Bible Studies- I’ve been doing large group studies for years, but these are great for either on your own or with a group. They have an app which has helpful little videos along with each lesson too. I recommend this if you’re able to have your phone near you during Bible study time without getting distracted and swiping somewhere else!

  3. Gabb Watch- This year brought more independence for the bigs and so a Gabb Watch entered our lives. I love how simple and safe this is. It does exactly what we want it to and that’s it!

  4. Lynn Austin Books- I read several historical fiction books of Austin’s this year. I’m not one for much TV so this was my go-to at night to turn my brain off and read something that took me to another place. Austin weaves in truth’s of God in an elegant and meaningful way and I learned a bit more about history too! I especially loved Chasing Shadows- highly recommend!

  5. Olive and June- This one is silly but it’s nail polish that lasts a good week and that’s a win. I don’t have time to go to get my nails done so finding this polish was a fun one this year. This link will get you 20% off a system + free polish. I started with the mani system and have the pedi system now too. The heel balm is a winter must for me too.

  6. The Balanced Life- while I’ve loved TBL for awhile now, since 2016, I haven’t always been consistent. Getting back into more Pilates than years past was a good thing for my mind and body. I’ll always highly recommend Robin, her workouts, and the general healthy outlook of TBL! I purchased her Prenatal Pilates Program once my pants stopped fitting and have loved those workouts as well. My link gets you $20 off your membership, and full disclosure I get a $20 credit kickback.

So, 2021 wasn't all bad. There was and always is good in it. 2022 is teaching me to turn off more news, focus on what matters, and already has me clinging to those Bible verses more and more.


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