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Schooling at Home: Soft Launch Week

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The other weekend I told my husband I was starting school with the boys on Monday. One week before our official start! You can laugh, roll your eyes, or read on. Either way, we were all done enough with Summer and mainly I needed some more routine. Our hybrid homeschool model school wouldn't start for another week but my oldest was given a project he could start early and let's be honest, all our kids and us need a slow rolling start as we hit the books again this Fall.

So, with best intentions and putting out items the night before we still had a pretty typical first soft start day! The toddler was up first of course and while I was attempting to read my Bible and get some of things done he started fussing a lot, wouldn't share the iPad show with his brother when he woke up, and so the screen was lost.

I closed my Bible and decided to stick with what I had said so my youngest and I went to his room to read some books. While we were there I realized when school officially starts and shows don't happen during weekday mornings this will be a new rhythm we get into. Having time with him before I turn more of my attention to the bigs fills his cup early to then go have some more independent play when he isn't on my lap.

So, here's what we've learned so far. These lessons have had time to simmer a bit and we'll all need help putting them into practice this year but my hope is that they become habits.

  • Starting our day with devotions is always best. When we gather for breakfast and make tea they sit longer for me to get through our devotional time. We've been going through a few but really like Jesus Calling for Kids, our 24 Family ways, and the Action Bible Devotion for Kids.

  • NO interrupting when I'm working with another brother. While we're home and it's in their wheelhouse to not raise hands here, we did talk a lot about raising hands or putting their hand on my leg to signal to me that they have a question or need help.

  • If you're done with your work, no moping. This may sound silly and we haven't perfected this yet but I see in time this year that each boy will have a list of things they can do while they wait. I've stocked up on some new Usborne books for my "word smart" boy (Go read 8 Great Smarts if you haven't!) and will grow my list other things they can do.

Overall it was a week. Each day didn't involve school in the morning. We took the chance to enjoy our last days of summer and we got the school room more organized. We filled backpacks, wrote our names in textbooks and got some online programs set up.

I'll be learning just as much as they will. Organization will be key to our success. Planning and getting things out the night before, reading the lesson plans and making sure I know what I'm teaching is a must. My attitude and depending on Jesus comes first. I'll need to rely on Him and be praying that He will orchestrate each moment. May He lead every transition between subjects, every quiet time I hope for with the toddler and every read-aloud time with them all. I can plan all I want, and it's a good thing to do, but ultimately I'll be relying on Him and thankful for His grace each day. Lord knows I'll need it!


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