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Our Morning Rhythm

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The other day I was asked about our morning routine because "it looks like you're always so organized!" Ha! Oh Instagram. Truth is we don't have a set schedule, but I do feel like we have some sort of rhythm.

We do pretty much the same thing each day when we're home. Which, we all know is a lot these days. Our rhythm will change some once school starts but in ways it'll stay the same.

Here's the thing; I always want to provide help and encouragement but I also want you to know if this doesn't work for you, great! Maybe your kids go outside each morning. Maybe they don't watch shows til the afternoon or even in the evening- awesome! I'm going to share with you the rhythm that's been working for us, knowing there's a lot of space and margin there.

Our Morning Rhythm

My kids are up between 6:30-8:00 AM. That's a big window so for us it means I try to get up before them, read my Bible and set my mind straight. I'm so much better when I start my day rooted in the Word. I love the Write the Word journals by Lara Casey or I work on whatever Bible Study we're going through. If time is limited I'll read a Psalm and Proverb or really love Ephesians, Philippians, or Colossians lately! I got these Bible highlighters and they've been a fun way to keep marking up my Bible and reminding myself of truth.

Sometimes I make a big breakfast of waffles or eggs but other days they get yogurt and granola.

The kids get show time while everyone is getting up.

Around 8-9:00 AM we go upstairs and make sure everyone is dressed, beds are made and teeth are brushed.

I throw in a load of laundry! Shout Color Catchers have helped me mix everything!

Ideally during the time they've been watching a show and after I've had Bible time I'm thinking about what we'll do. In my head this would happen the night before and it may in the Fall but for now it just means me putting out a book to read, pattern blocks, maybe some letter stamps. Really just some activities to work their brain. I may have my oldest work on handwriting and get out some dry erase things for the other two. Math for a few minutes.

Ideally I'd say I have my bigs write something everyday but we're not there- but we can work towards being there!

I try to start every table time with some sort of devotion. We've been going through Jesus Calling and sometimes look at the Action Bible Devotional as well. I like the Jesus Calling book for kids because it then forces us to look up passages and read through them.

I don't really have a set time of how long it'll take us to work on these things. Some days they end up having a ton of fun with snap circuits or pattern blocks. Maybe I pull out watercolors. I may have a huge stack of library books to get through or we're motivated to play a game.

Some days the brain work doesn't take much time at all and they're engrossed in legos. The main idea is since they got some TV time in the morning they're not getting it again until potentially before dinner. We work and play til lunch time and hopefully get some pool time in the afternoons right now.

I do try to incorporate read-alouds but ever since we got through the Little House on the Prairie series we're struggling to find another great book we all love. Right now we just started The Moffats and my oldest has gotten into the Boxcar Children. After reading The Read Aloud Family I know any time reading is worth it and I'm fine if they're playing with legos while I read.

The reality is this post was brought to you by them watching a show and now playing with toys. In a bit we'll do some table work before lunch and then get to go to the pool. We're having a relaxed summer morning here but that's the thing, this is a rhythm not a set schedule and it's something that's really helped us. It's something I hope helps you too!


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