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  • Laura

Is it Too Late to Tell You My Word?

Every year in December I see the same articles and get the same apprehensive yet excited feeling. A new year is around the corner. Do I believe in resolutions? What about "having a word for the year?"

Resolutions are a bit lost on me. I don't like the idea of being bound to some man-made idea or law. For me, resolutions can feel like that. With a resolution, if things we don't plan come to be and that affects our ability to carry out the resolution we can feel like a failure in as quickly as 3 days or less!

I'm all about grace over guilt so I like thinking about a word. One word that I'm going to focus on, or hope to focus on for the year. In thinking on a word it's got to be one that has a positive spin on it. The word is meant to encourage, not convict. This year my word helps with boundaries too. I prayed about this and like many things in life am thankful that God whispers his confirmations to me. If what I'm thinking is possibly aligned with His will for me this season He confirms it.

Isaiah 30:21 comes to mind, "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it."

Since we're two months in to 2021 and it's still working, how about I share my word with you now?!

My word for the year is simplify. Regardless of all the external things that last year brought with it, it was a year of God stripping away a lot of things from my life and from our family personally too. We've said yes to a lot of great things in the past and in a lot of ways had been able to carry them well. However, in this new season we will simplify. I will simplify.

What does this mean? For me I see it in a lot of facets of our life. Simplifying means guarding our weekends and especially our Sunday's. It means not signing up for all the sports because it's more life-giving for our family right now to have Saturdays and Sundays free to hike, to cook, and to rest.

Simplifying relates to our meal plans. On Thursday's we always have leftovers. On Friday's we do pizza and movie night. Sunday's now seem to have one big meal and then a more casual lunch or dinner. While I love to cook, simplifying also means we always have chicken sausage and spaghetti on hand because well, it's simple.

When it comes to working out and taking care of myself I'm done trying to find something other than what I already love and know works for my body, Pilates with The Balanced Life. Robin's approach is not only simple, but it works. She's not yelling through the screen for me to work in a way that puts me down but is always an encouraging spot in my day. The app is simple as is the website and I even find simple healthy meal ideas on her site. There's a free challenge starting Monday too. Will you join me?

Unsubscribing from a ton of emails makes opening my inbox a more enjoyable simple experience. Using sites like Postable to send Birthday cards and thank you cards has been a fun and simple thing. (for Postable my code MRRAA35I will get you $5 off when you spend $20. The cards are so fun and cheaper than what you'll find in a store. I love using a personal photo to send Birthday or Thank you cards!) Finding Branch Basics and not having to buy a ton of cleaning products has been simple. Unfollowing accounts on social media who cause stress or anxiety is actually a very simple thing to do too!

So, now my question is- do you have a word? Did you make a resolution? Did you stick with it? I could have shared these high hopes with you in January but you know what? I'm glad it's almost March and I'm here to say SIMPLE has been a good word. You could adopt it too, it's really that simple.


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