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hello 2020

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We're ten days into a new decade which seems to have hit everyone's minds the moment Instagram told us to find our top pictures from the last one. I'm still trying to figure that one out, and coming back from all the illnesses. We've hit strep, the flu, pneumonia and rang in our New Year in a hospital. I'm glad to say we're all healthy and I'm praying for a much healthier 2020 absent of any hospital visits!

My usual goal setting with my Cultivate Powersheets happens usually in the time between Christmas and New Years but this year things were delayed a bit and I'm ok with it. I'm reminded that God makes things new all the time, ever day, and so January 1 is in fact, just a date on the calendar. If you're wondering if you can start something new now, I believe you can.

I'll admit I do like the practice of goal setting and thinking through how this next year will go. While I know I can't plan it all, I can think through my goals and desires for the year. If you haven't had powersheets before I highly recommend them. Whether you have work outside the home or simply have some things that you want to prioritize, it's helped me see what really matters and what helps me live out with intention what I'm being called to do.

Another book I'm diving into this week is Less is More by Emily Ley. I'm only a few chapters in and I can already tell I'll be sharing this one for awhile. It's so good and so timely. Emily speaks to many of us who want to take back a slower pace of life and really enjoy these years when so much is being bombarded at us.

Do you set goals for the new year or think it's a waste of time? Maybe you have a word you like to stick to or some nonnegotiable you try to set out for yourself. If goal setting isn't your thing, I bet there are still a few things you can set out to do. Maybe it's waking up before your kids, turning your phone off by 9 PM, or keeping Sundays for family only. As I write this I think of things that aren't even written down for me yet, but places I know we need to keep margin in for the year ahead. Finding space, creating it, and keeping that space safe is a courageous act these days with so many things demanding our time and attention.

However this year turns out (I'm sure many parts different than what I can envision myself right now!) I'm thankful you're along for the ride. I had fun doing a poll on Instagram for you yesterday and learning what you want to see more of here this year. I'm ready to "make it happen" as they say!

Here's to 2020- 10 days in!


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