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Gift ideas for Boys

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I think gift guides are so fun. Have you been looking at some? I'm always curious what people find to be the "best thing ever" or just simply something they think others will love too.

This year Christmas gifts for our kids look a bit different. I miss the years of them being little and a bit more clueless. Gifts were always under $30 an item and Christmas didn't feel all that overwhelming. This year with kids ranging from ages 4-9 we have a wide scope and the items they want are definitely not all under $30. Sigh.

So, here's my breakdown of items for the boys. I can't help you when it comes to girls- sorry! Some of these are things I want them to have, and others are items on their wish list. While these are wishlists we've realized our boys are getting about 3 things from us, a couple fun family gifts, and that's about it!

Boys 3-4

If you have a toddler you know how quickly toys are separated out by things they love and things that sit in the bottom of a toy bin. At these ages it's easy for toys to quietly go away and them not really know where a huge stuffed animal has gone. Just my kid?! Building and craft toys are great at these ages. You really don't need much to keep them occupied and you'll be impressed by how much they can create!

Gifts for this age are simple.

  • Magna tiles- the gift that keeps on giving. Your kids will build with these all year

  • Hess Trucks- the new truck is always wished for!

  • Kinetic Dirt- keep it in a shallow bin with a lid to avoid a mess!

  • Hot Wheels Cars- you only need a few

  • Building Blocks- this classic set is always out

  • Interactive Books; Nibbles, anything that pops up or flaps that lift. Usborne makes awesome books like this!

Boys 5-7.

At this age things get a bit more fun building-wise and your kid may take more ownership of their things. My boys each have a valuables shelves so when legos are purchased they care more about them staying together. All the praise hands!

Gift ideas

  • Legos- all things Star Wars or the 3 in 1 Creator sets

  • Nerf- They can't ever seem to have enough, even though I think we're good!

  • Puzzles- I love this one of the states!

  • Osmo- This is a fun toy to have when you want to make math or language arts more of a game. My kids love the hot wheels game and tangrams as well!

  • Games- Monopoly Junior or Chess, like this set!

  • Books like these Bear Grylls chapter books or the Survival Books

Boys 8-10

Here's where things get more expensive. With all the requests my 9 year old has made this year I actually had him do the math in his head and think about the sum of what he was requesting. Homeschooling at it's finest!

Gift Ideas

There you go! I hopefully that gives you some ideas if you've been wondering what to get for the kid in your life who falls into these categories. I know I'm glad our shopping is almost just about done- except for those grandparents who can be tricky. Ideas on those people coming hopefully tomorrow!


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