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Friday Favorites. A Fall top + Lots of Books

(this post contains affiliate links)

Friends! I've been wanting to do a Friday Faves post for awhile now and in the past several weeks this has been in my head more than it's been on the interweb! I thought this may be a helpful post but as is true with blogging it's also a fun way to look back in time and remember what our family was loving during a certain week or season.

With the weather thankfully dropping just a bit I have a few favorite cooler weather items but really the main favorites are around books!

  1. This Target top is simple and added a bit of Fall to my wardrobe for $20-ish bucks. It's lightweight so perfect for the days when it's still in the 70's over here! It's 100% predictable as far as my wardrobe is concerned but oh well!

  2. This Mug by Her Hearts Co. Not all classrooms have 4 walls. Amen? Amen. I love taking this guy camping and the reminder that it brings. Not all learning happens at a desk or in a room!

  3. The Great Horn Spoon. I can't recommend this book enough! We just finished reading it and everyone loved it. It was a tale we didn't want to end and one of those books that when it does you all sigh and say, "that was so good!"

  4. Awaking Wonder. This was a read I just finished and highly recommend for any homeschool Mama. It gave me new hope over a month into school that it's ok to change up our routine. Sally's writings are like having a warm hug from an older mentor. She doesn't just blindly say, "it's going to be okay," it feels like she's right there helping you take the next steps.

  5. Sophie's Squash. Sometimes we check out books from the library, read it once and are okay with returning it. This one has been read on repeat. It's cute and funny and perfectly seasonal. Recommend!

  6. Wingfeather Saga books! This is the first series my son couldn't wait for the next book to come out. He just received number three in the saga, read the sample on our Kindle and asked to go read the moment it arrived at our steps. Andrew Peterson read the first two books aloud in March which made for a fun way for him to get into these books!

I hope this inspires your library haul on what looks to be here like a cozy cool fall weekend! See you back on Monday!


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