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  • Laura

First Stop: Chattanooga

If you've been following along over on Instagram you know we just made an unexpected road trip following the passing of Benjamin's grandfather. We had a wonderful time honoring his life and seeing family with some obvious stops along the way. Louisiana isn't close to us so when we set out Chattanooga became our first destination.

I wanted to blog here about what we did because we'd actually really like to go back there! There was a lot to love about this city from the aquarium to the hike to the downtown restaurant scene. Everything was within reasonable driving distance so after a super early morning on the road we made it down there in time to get to the Aquarium by 3:30 and then afterwards go for a hike and grab dinner!

Before we left I heard great things about the Tennessee Aquarium and thankfully it had just re-opened a couple days before we were there. It focused on more freshwater animals and fish and things that would be found in the rivers surrounding the area. The river otters were a big hit, snakes, huge catfish, and of course, alligators. Maps throughout shared where animals could be found and there was always another corner to go into and find something new. The aquarium is located in the heart of the town so when we came out there was a market going on and it was a quick walk to the river and to see the beautiful bridges. It was a hot one so after we made it through we opted for a shaded hike!

I looked on Instagram and found Rainbow Lake Trail on Signal Mountain. When I saw the fun wood bridge I knew we should try to get there. The boys had such a great time one of them is asking to go back for his birthday, in winter!! The hike didn't take us too long and at the bottom the boys wished they had their suits to hop into the water. Everyone was sweaty and tired but it was so good to get our legs moving after hours in the car.

We know we only scratched the surface of this city but we can see why people love Tennessee and Chattanooga too! We'll be back!


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