• Laura

Finding my Voice Again

I'm sitting outside on a Sunday afternoon and since I just started to write I'm counting down the minutes until kids come out and I'm quickly asked to do another task. I haven't written as much as I would like recently and I tell myself that's ok.

I've been reading a lot and often the author shares, "I blogged 5 times a week for a year!" I used to blog often for the love of blogging and didn't realize at the time, it was the love of writing. I wish I would have seen it that way, the way that says, "Hey, you're a writer," not "hey, you're just a blogger." It's how I increasingly feel about motherhood. So many women think, "I'm just a Mom," instead of, "I've been entrusted with raising the next generation."

So as I sit here, only one interruption deep, I'll share that I want to write more. I want to write because I have words. I want to write because I want to encourage others, share my story, bring some hope into this world. And, I want to write because it's something I think I should be doing. Maybe I can't do it five times a week right now, but maybe I can.

Maybe I'll make it a secret goal of mine to blog three to five times a week. Maybe I won't tell anyone, I'll just do it. I won't post it on social media or tell friends, I'll just get to work and share my words, and maybe, just maybe, in doing so I'll find my voice again.