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Early Pregnancy Favorites

(affiliate links are used in this post. Nothing changes for you, I just have the potential to get commission if you purchase something which then goes straight back to keeping this blog going.)

So, we're pregnant! I have an entire post I want to write about the conversations we had with one another and God in getting to this place, but for today I just have fun things on my mind.

Like when I found out and quickly bought these prenatal vitamins, probiotics, and morning sickness sweets. I knew I'd be showing by 8 weeks and was glad I had kept some maternity clothes bins, but when I saw them didn't want to wear anything in there. I also knew the nausea would come and wanted to be prepared, so trying this morning sickness sweets was key.

When I was newly pregnant I found myself asking questions online again, looking at highlights from a few favorite Moms I follow on Instagram, and since it's been six years since I was last pregnant, having questions like I was starting all over again.

So, this post may be short and sweet, but it'll be a few things that helped me in the beginning. I definitely enjoyed the early weeks of feeling great, knowing not feeling great would soon come. Thanks to what seems like much smarter vitamins with things like ginger in them, I didn't get super sick like I had with others. Read between those lines; I have constantly had ice water with me, tea on repeat, and snacks always nearby. When I was tired in the afternoons I told the boys I was lying down and they were clueless as can be and went on playing.

While a lot of this pregnancy feels like going back in time, there's definitely a lot of me that knew not to let myself get to a place where I was too thirsty or hungry and then feel sick. I knew early on when I needed to rest, am thankful now to have regained a lot of energy, but also know more tired and large days are ahead.

So, here are a few things I've loved this time around.

  • I miss normal jeans so much, so finding these pants has been a very happy game changer. It's so nice to not have the massive belly band on, but when I have had to wear pants with the band I have liked these athletic ones, and these jeans because there's a nice opening in the back.

  • Prenatals! Wow- a lot has changed. Instead of taking the same thing these past 18 weeks I've definitely mixed it up. I started with some from Pink Stork, both a prenatal and probiotic by them. I then switched to Mary Ruth's because I was feeling more nausea and having a drinkable vitamin seemed like a good idea. Now, I'm onto Thorne's Basic Prenatal. I like it and take probiotics, more vitamin D, and some fish oil daily.

  • Tea, and more tea please. I don't remember drinking a lot of tea in other pregnancies but I drank a lot of trader joe's turmeric ginger tea, this morning sickness tea, and any kind of decaf mint tea around. Normal water didn't cut my nausea so ice water has been key for me.

  • Pilates, please. I have always been a fan of The Balanced Life from the beginning so when I knew I was pregnant I looked into the Prenatal Pilates Program Robin has created. I've loved the modified workouts she made while pregnant with twins and have loved some of her other workouts in the library that have prenatal modifications.

That's all for now. As I write this I'm almost 19 weeks and can't believe it's almost half way to baby time! We're enjoying a much needed break from homeschool this last week and thankful for sunshine and r+r!


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