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4 Simple Ways we're Preparing for Easter

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Overwhelm seems to be the norm now when we browse certain sites online. I don't think I'm alone in this. A new season comes and all of the sudden instead of being inspired, I'm left feeling defeated, and all before 8 AM. I preface this post with all that to say please please please, let this encourage you!

I'm at the point in homeschooling and mothering where I have to turn certain things off. Maybe it's also just a point of life I'm at too! I have to look away in a sense from what others may be doing so I don't go down a path in thinking what I'm doing is any less. I have to close the door on lies and do what's best for us. My capacity when it comes to Easter is, "Let's read this book and then talk about it" over "Let's make all these crafts." Where I'm at is fine, and if you're a craft Mom that's fine too!

If you've been searching for simple ways to celebrate Easter that aren't curriculum based, this post is for you. So, here comes some simple ways to talk about Easter with your kids. I'm reminded often that while many people believe Jesus came to earth, not all believe WHY he came and I want that to be something we talk about often in our home.

1. Read the Bible. That's right. No printing required. No books to buy, unless you need a Bible! Just simply read about Easter with your kids. Read the gospels, and I'd add in Isaiah 53. I like reading this kids translation with the boys.

2. The Garden, The Curtain and the Cross- I don't buy books often but I was so excited to learn about this book. The visuals are beautiful and it's written in a way that makes it very easy for young kids to understand the gospel.

3. The Dangerous Journey, The Story of Pilgrim's Progress. This is the same version my husband's Mom read to him growing up but little did I know that when I ordered it. This book would get a 10/10 from me. You don't need to be preparing for Easter to get this one. I love that this timeless classic so beautifully shares the gospel message with the reality that when we live for Christ the road in fact is quite narrow and the burden is light!

4. Amon's Adventure. Our family really enjoyed Jotham's Journey before Christmas so I was excited to learn about this book. We haven't done an awesome job so far reading it consistently, but we've got time, and so do you! These books are really relatable for the kids and bring the Bible to life.

That's it folks. Rather than stressing over crafts and curriculum, we're reading and I'm praying that the reality of the gospel sinks into my kid's hearts and mine in a fresh way this Easter.


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